October 30, 2017

Globe Express Services’ global C-level executives and commercial team officials tackle growth strategies during meeting in China

Globe Express Services’ international C-level executives and high-ranking members of its Asia commercial team recently descended on Shenzhen, China for a three-day meeting organized to tackle a range of relevant initiatives and strategies that will further cement the company’s global market dominance in the delivery of best supply chain solutions.

Held at the JW Marriott, the meeting revolved around communication and business development strategies for regions where GES is operating. These strategies aim to internally and externally promote the company’s mission of supporting global trade as the key driver of prosperity through delivery of unique logistics services.

A total of 18 C-level executives from GES’ global offices attended the meeting. They reviewed the organization’s robust performance in 2017; current and future comprehensive expansion approaches in certain key locations; and growth and success stories achieved in 2017. The company also announced that it is planning to establish its presence in two new strategic global markets, the details of which will be disclosed soon.

Mustapha Kawam, President and CEO, Globe Express Services, said: “The meeting helped align the 2018 strategies of the organization’s business units, support functions, and external partners with its broad enterprise plan. It served as an opportunity as well for all of us to discuss major initiatives, integrate strategic priorities with other support functions, and look into the progress of our planning and budgeting efforts. During the course of our gathering, we were also able to gain useful insights into how we could further drive business performance and unlock workforce potential through transformational employee engagement. The meeting was in short, an important organizational event that allowed us to talk about changes and upcoming improvements as part of our quest to sustain our global industry leadership.”

Other discussed topics included advanced technologies impacting the supply chain industry and GES’s efforts to keep pace with the same, as well as human capital skill development and talent acquisition and empowerment. GES also took the opportunity to formally unveil its latest train service offering between China and Europe.

Meanwhile, the first- and second-place winners of GES’ internal ‘The Bright Idea Challenge’ showcased their winning ‘Bright Idea’ proposals during the high-profile gathering. The first and second placers are based in Chile and Canada, respectively.

GES runs a global network with over 60 corporate offices, offering a robust, well-rounded suite of logistics services to companies doing business in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Latin America, and other parts of the world. It enjoys strong market presence in over 100 countries via global agents and employs over 1,000 people worldwide to deliver comprehensive services according to the highest quality standards