Globe Express Services conducts customer service workshop for US team to strengthen client relationships

Globe Express Services, recently held a practical and engaging customer service excellence workshop for its employees based in its headquarters in the United States. Participants of the ‘Service Excellence’ seminar gained insights about the underlying principles in delivering outstanding customer service to ensure client loyalty, satisfaction and enhanced experience.

During the interactive lecture, the US team of logistics experts gained helpful tips on refining their dealings with customers to enable them to better understand the needs of the clients and choose the best response to their requirements. The attendees also identified ways to improve their delivery of services to turn inquiries and complaints into new business.

Mustapha Kawam, President and CEO, GES, said: “Our loyal customers are the backbone of our organization. To win their trust and confidence, we have to constantly strive to meet, if not surpass, their expectations. This workshop was organized with an aim to reinforce the ideas and strategies learnt by the employees throughout the organization. The event demonstrated how excellent customer service is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture and part and parcel of our everyday operations.”

“Through the workshop, we were able to redefine the evolving needs of our customers and suggest strategies for exceeding their expectations. It also helps to ensure that the delivery of excellent service is viewed as a way of life within GES, not an add-on to the employee’s job responsibilities. Improving the skills of our teams is in line with our objective of delivering excellent service across the industries we serve,” he concluded.

GES employees undergo regular training programs to gain essential skills in terms of managing dissatisfied customers to turn negative situations into positive experiences; taking responsibility for service initiatives; and identifying critical elements to create an ideal customer experience.