Globe Express Services hosted meeting of global C-Level Executives in Dubai on business strategies for 2016

Two-day gathering focused on employee engagement to take GES to the next level

Globe Express Services recently hosted a two-day meeting at the Hotel Sofitel Dubai Downtown which was attended by 34 C-Level executives from all its corporate offices. The gathering discussed the company’s strategy for 2016 in line with prevailing trends in the logistics industry along with reforms and projects to be implemented in the short-term.

The meeting of C-Level executives enabled GES to develop a business plan based on market demand to serve regional and international customers in line with global standards. It helped in the integration of broad strategies of individual business units with support functions such as planning and budgeting. The meeting also revealed useful insights about driving business performance by unlocking workforce potential through transformational employee engagement and collaborating with senior ranking employees to discover innovative and forward-thinking schemes to take GES to the next level.

The agenda included presentations and group interactions discussing Talent, Engagement, Leadership, Executive Intelligence, and Global Strategy. The boardroom briefing of all the C-Level executives focused on ‘A Recipe for Success – Enabling Growth through Strategy, Structure and Culture.’

Mustapha Kawam, President & CEO, Globe Express Services, said: “It was a marvellous opportunity to host in Dubai a meeting for our talented, competitive and foresighted C-Level Executives from across the world to engage, network and share experiences. The meeting provided us with a fabulous opportunity to discuss strategies, objectives and goals to take Globe Express Services to the next level. The boardroom briefings and workshop also highlighted current trends and challenges of the logistics industry which will help us to bolster our capabilities to achieve our goals and targets.”

Globe Express Services is a full-service, global logistics services provider. Out-of-gauge services are a core offering of the company’s Project Logistics and Management portfolio. Through its Logistics and Compliance Consulting division, GES offers expertise in creative warehouse design, distribution, supply chain execution and material handling solutions for leading retail, wholesale, and consumer product manufacturing companies. The company’s consultancy service also covers selection and implementation of supply chain execution software, including comprehensive systems for warehouse, asset, transportation, yard and labour management.