Technology platform

All you need to know about our support and how to do it.

GES is committed to being a technology focused logistics provider in a market where innovation occurs at a rapid pace. Technology adoption in the logistics sector has become a necessity in order to address growing challenges, possible risks as well as potential opportunities. Rolling out innovative solutions and digital technologies provide greater efficiency, better collaboration and enhanced customer experiences within this sector. Technology enhancement has leveraged Globe Express Services’ supply chain system into a new level of capabilities to make the entire process seamless, faster and cost-effective.

By connecting with our systems our clients gain intelligence that enables:

  • Automated shipment information (PO & SKU level)
  • Timely and accurate milestone updates
  • Convenient with reduced administrative effort
  • Customized mapping and reporting
  • Flexible formats (EDI, XML, etc.)
  • Exceptions alerts and management
  • Robust information suite (Web Tracking, e-docs, Business Intelligence Tools, WMS, Load Optimization, etc.)